How to choose a digital marketing agency for your small business?

How to choose a digital marketing agency for your small business?

There seems to be a lot of excitement and buzz about digital marketing among small businesses in India. And, in recent times many businesses have started investing in digital marketing efforts.

While there are many examples of SMBs which have prospered by investing in digital marketing, there are many more examples of businesses which ended-up burning their promotional budget for no gain.

So, why are so many small businesses getting little or no ROI from their digital marketing efforts?

If marketing is done right, it creates new opportunities for your business which can be quantified in terms of number of quality leads. So, when digital marketing efforts don’t payoff, it’s obvious that something is wrong with the approach.

Many businesses fall into the trap of outsourcing their marketing to web development companies and SEO firms which call themselves digital marketing agencies. Such agencies lack marketing expertise and therefore are unable to deliver positive results. So, selecting a competent agency to take care of your digital marketing function is the way to ensure the success of your marketing efforts.

Here are some points to help you identify a truly professional digital marketing agency:

Marketing plan vs. templatized service

Professional digital marketing agencies work by plan and strategy. They take the effort to understand your business, the industry and the needs of your prospects. This helps in defining a unique approach to digital marketing which is focused on achieving results.

While professional digital marketing agencies offer customized solutions, incompetent marketing agencies try to sell templatized service. This means that they merely duplicate the same marketing effort for all of their clients, and such effort does not yield results.

Content creation and copywriting expertise

A digital marketing agency is as good as the content it creates. You can get an idea of the agency’s content creation and copywriting expertise, by checking-out the websites they’ve built for clients, reading the blogs they manage and gauging the novelty of idea in marketing communications produced by them.

Informative reporting

Marketing effort needs constant monitoring, which is why reports are essential. Professional digital marketing agencies take the extra effort to process data collected from multiple sources into valuable information. They help clients determine the effectiveness of various marketing efforts by transforming data into meaningful insights.

Hiring an agency is like recruiting a staff member. You need to make sure that they are capable of doing the job well. The trick is to look through the agency’s sales pitch and ask probing questions in order to gauge their true potential. The 3 points discussed above will help you in selecting the right digital marketing agency for your business.

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Huzefa is a digital marketer at CopyCrunch. He specializes in creating inbound marketing for small businesses and startups.

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